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Hershel Greene Hershel Greene

Hershel Greene ist eine fiktive Figur in The Walking Dead, deren Rolle in dem Comic, der Fernsehserie von Scott Wilson und der Spieleserie dargestellt wird. Er ist der verwitwete Besitzer einer Farm in Georgia und hat bereits Erfahrung im. Später lernte er Josephine Greene kennen, wo die beiden dann heirateten. In den ersten Jahren ihrer Ehe begann Hershel jedoch, ähnlich wie sein Vater in den. Hershel Rhee ist ein Überlebender des Ausbruchs in AMC's The Walking Dead. Er ist der Sohn von. Hershel Green ist der Besitzter einer Farm, die er verbarrikadiert hat, um mit seiner Familie dort zu leben. Er hält jedoch seine verstorbenen Familienmitglieder. Hershel Greene, gespielt von Scott Wilson, versucht sich im Gefängnis als Ratgeber für Rick wird dann jedoch von einem Beißer gebissen, so dass Rick.

Hershel Greene

Hershel Greene ist ein fiktiver Charakter in The Walking Dead, deren Rolle in der dargestellten Comic, TV - Serie, wie porträtiert Scott Wilson und der Spiele. The Walking Dead Series 7 - EXCLUSIVE Hershel Greene Action Figure; Approximately 5 inches tall; 22 points of articulation; Includes a severed Hershel Head. In der 2. Staffel der erfolgreichen Endzeitserie The Walking Dead treffen die Überlebenden um Rick au der Farm von Hershel Greene und.

Hershel permits the group to move into his house, though he voices concern about Shane to Rick. He is also seen helping to bring the things of the Atlanta survivors into the house and telling Lori that she can have his room and he will sleep on the couch.

Later that day he is seen investigating the barn after Randall's escape. Rick demands T-Dog and Hershel gather everyone into the house for safety.

Hershel is first shown inside the house with the others, waiting for Rick, Shane, Daryl, and Glenn to return from their search for Randall.

When walkers invade his farm, Hershel tells the group that it is his farm, and he will die defending it.

Hershel shoots many of the approaching walkers with a shotgun while the others slowly retreat from the farm one by one.

Rick saves Hershel from a walker who sneaks up behind him by shooting the walker in the back of the head. Rick pulls Hershel to a car and they flee the farm while the barn burns.

In the back seat of the car, Hershel looks at the over-run farm. Hershel later insists that Rick take Carl to a safe place, and offers to stay at the section of highway where Sophia got lost to wait for the rest of the group, even if it means his death.

But the remaining survivors, except Andrea, arrive just before Rick departs. Hershel embraces Maggie and Beth and the group learned from one another about Shane, Andrea, Jimmy, and Patricia's fate.

The group discusses their plans for the future and start heading down the road. After Rick reveals that everyone is infected, he listens to Maggie and Glenn second-guessing Rick's leadership, but Hershel shuts them down, being one of only two people along with Daryl to still trust Rick.

Hershel and the rest of the group discover a prison Rick believed could be their new home. Before settling into the prison, Hershel talks to Rick about Lori and the possibility that she may have lost the baby due to stress and over exerting herself.

Hershel and the others went into the prison's fence and Rick assigned Hershel to shoot the walkers from one of the towers together with Carl.

That night, Hershel suggested that they should plant some seeds so they can grow crops. Also, Hershel asked Beth to sing one of Paddy Riley's song at the campfire, but Maggie declined by saying "Daddy, not that one please.

Lori expresses to Hershel her fears and assumptions that her son can't stand her and that Rick hates her for putting him in difficult situations.

The group soon runs into small herds of walkers and is forced to retreat. During this, Glenn and Maggie become split up from the group by walkers and lock themselves in a closet.

The group, noticing the disappearance of the two, plan to go back and search for them. While they are searching, Hershel is seen stepping over what appears to be a dead inmate.

The group circles back, safe from the walkers and Hershel is again seen stepping over the inmate, which shockingly awakens. The formerly dormant walker grabs Hershel by the leg and bites into his calf.

Rick shoots the walker in the head and the group quickly responds to the tragedy that has taken place.

They are last seen inside a vacant cafeteria where Rick examines the bite. Rick, quickly thinking, removes his own belt and ties it above the bite before taking a hatchet and messily amputating Hershel's lower leg to save him.

During the amputation, Hershel loses consciousness. Stuck inside the cafeteria, the group looks up and sees a group of living inmates staring back at them.

Hershel is rushed into one of the cells in C Block, and the team attempts to stop the bleeding. Carol eventually slows it down with help from Carl who retrieved medical supplies from the infirmary.

At one point during the episode, Hershel appears to stop breathing. Lori checks his pulse multiple times, and eventually gives him mouth-to-mouth CPR.

He soon darts up and grabs Lori in much the same way the dormant walker had grabbed him, but she is pulled away from Hershel. He appears to be alive, as his eyes are still their normal color, and he soon falls back asleep.

As a precaution should Hershel turn, he is handcuffed to the bed frame. Soon, when Rick returns from helping the other prisoners clear another cell block, and enters the cell Hershel is in, Hershel wakes up.

He raises his hand, and holds Rick's hand, but doesn't say a word. He soon falls back asleep. Hershel is shown in this episode to have recovered well from his amputation and is beginning to walk with crutches.

When Walkers start to pour into the prison after Andrew took his revenge, Hershel and Beth hide behind a gate and remain there throughout the episode.

Hershel appears to be saddened by Lori's loss as well. Hershel appears in this episode standing on his crutches, talking to Glenn as he mourns the deaths of Lori, and T-Dog.

While Hershel believes that the two remaining prisoners, Axel and Oscar , are good people, Glenn believes that all of the prisoners should have been killed at first sight.

Hershel is seen first in the episode, eating with the others in the cafeteria of the prison. He later visits Rick, who is still in the prison's boiler room waiting for the phone.

Rick tells him about another group of survivors, and how he is trying to join up with their group for safety, but tells Hershel not to say a word to the others about it.

Hershel offers to sit with Rick, but Rick says no. Hershel is seen holding Judith when Rick returns to the group a second time.

He passes Judith to Rick, who has finally come to embrace his newborn daughter. Afterwards, he, Rick, Judith, Carl, and Beth walk triumphantly out to the prison-yard as the group realizes that things seem to be looking up.

Hershel is seen behind Rick as he opens the gate to retrieve Michonne 's unconscious body. He also asks Rick if Michonne has any bites on her, to which he replies that it is only a gunshot wound.

He is seen with the other survivors as they interrogate Michonne. He is also seen stitching up Michonne's gunshot wound inflicted by Merle.

Afterwards, despite the gentle treatment, she replies with a stern "thank you. Hershel appears mostly by Beth's side during this episode.

Hershel puts Judith to sleep in her crib and talked to Beth and Carl, sitting on the stairs. When Carl hears a noise emanating from elsewhere in the prison, Hershel attempts to stop him from investigating the noise but ultimately decides to let him go.

He is later seen when he sees the new group arriving in another cell. Sasha Williams glares at him and yells at them to unlock the door when Carl locked it.

Tyreese , Sasha's brother and the leader of the group, calms her down and gives Hershel and the group his assurances that they're not looking for trouble.

Hershel is seen in the common room, doctoring Allen 's leg. Hershel bonded with Tyreese and the two share some of their stories since the outbreak began.

Hershel told Tyreese that he shouldn't get too comfortable here, as he can't make the decision whether Tyreese's group can stay here or not.

When Rick, Glenn, Maggie, and Michonne return to the prison, Hershel and Beth hug Maggie and he tells Beth to take her sister inside to get some medication.

Back in the cell, he examines Glenn's injuries, surprised that Glenn sustained no broken bones. He informs Glenn that he is like a son to him, before leaving to talk to Maggie.

Hershel told Maggie if she has anything to talk about, she can talk to him. He also mentions how he noticed her strange behavior around Glenn.

He told her that he is proud of her and that she got her mother's spirit and stubbornness. She laid down in his arms and the two bonded with each other.

Later that evening, Hershel wanted Rick to let Tyreese's group join them. When Rick says no while deciding the fate of Tyreese's group, Hershel argues against the decision due to their shortage in manpower following Oscar's death and Daryl's abandonment.

Shortly after, Rick screams around the room, and Hershel stared at Rick, confused about his act of sudden tantrum.

After Rick's outburst towards the hallucination of Lori and indirectly towards Tyreese, Hershel is seen with the group inside of The Prison.

He listens to Glenn's proposal on how to defend themselves from The Governor , but recommends that the group leave the prison rather than risk retaliation from Woodbury.

He later comments that Glenn's decision to take over the leadership from Rick may be unwise at this time since Maggie is still recovering from her and Glenn's detention and torture in Woodbury, also advising Glenn to comfort Maggie.

Later, when Glenn is outside and about to leave the Prison to scout, Hershel advises him to stay and take stock. Glenn ignores his council and leaves.

Distraught, Hershel notices Rick wandering outside the Prison. There, he notices Rick outside of the fence, deciding to counsel him about his mental status.

Rick confesses to Hershel about his visions of Lori and Shane, and Hershel urges him to come back inside of The Prison, where it is safe, but before Rick refuses.

Just then, The Governor attacks them. Hershel ends up pinned down within the prison fence where the "walker bomb" is deployed.

Hershel is rescued by Michonne and Glenn before he can be harmed. Hershel is seen with the rest of the group discussing the Woodbury situation.

When Rick attempts to wander off, Hershel yells at him to get back here and do something, but Rick ignores him and wanders outside. Hershel visits Merle in his cell, where they bond over their amputations and a Bible verse.

Merle tells Hershel of The Governor's planned pecking order during a second attack, with Merle being the first death and Rick being the last because The Governor wants Rick to watch his family and friends die around him.

Andrea returns to the Prison, and appears shocked to see that Hershel has lost his leg. Later that night, while Beth is singing by the candlelight, Hershel voices his concerns about Andrea's inner conflict and The Governor's numbers.

Rick then tells Daryl and Hershel that they will be in charge while he's gone. Hershel goes along with Rick and Daryl to the meeting with The Governor.

Later, he is seen talking to Milton Mamet about his amputation, and even jokes about his question regarding the leg. The two seem to form a bond of sorts because of this.

When the meeting is over, he leaves with Rick and Daryl. Back at the prison when the meeting is over, Hershel privately mentions the group's sentiments about going to war with Woodbury.

He and Carol think the group should leave the Prison behind and take their chances on the road to avoid any more hostility from Woodbury and The Governor, but they would go along with whatever Rick felt was best.

It's then that Rick reveals the truth: the Governor asked for Michonne. Hershel stands up for Michonne, saying she earned her place.

However, when asked if he would risk Maggie and Beth's lives for her, Hershel cannot counter. Hershel is still against the idea of Rick handing over Michonne to The Governor, and agrees with Daryl when he says that the decision is not like them.

Later on, Hershel and his daughters pray with a bible and he said he would do anything to keep Maggie and Beth away from harm.

While in his cell, Glenn visits him and says that he now understands why Hershel gave him the pocket watch and tells Hershel that he wants to marry Maggie.

Hershel gives Glenn his blessing. Hershel is later seen on the outside of the Prison, along with the other remaining members of the group as Rick denounces having sole leadership.

Hershel is first seen packing important medical supplies in bags. He then hides out in the woods with Carl as the Woodbury army ambushes the Prison and retreat when they are ambushed themselves.

Jody , one of the Woodbury soldiers, runs off into the woods where he comes across Hershel and Carl. Despite surrendering his gun, Carl shoots him anyways.

Hershel tells Rick about what really happened with Jody, as Carl had lied to Rick. Hershel tells Rick that Carl gunned Jody down and Jody had no intentions on killing either of them.

Later, at the end of the episode, Hershel cheerfully guides the remaining Woodbury survivors to their new home in the Prison, most of whom are children or elderly.

Within the time gap between Season 3 and Season 4, Hershel has started a garden out on the prison yard. He also now has a prosthetic leg that Daryl found on a supply run.

Hershel is first seen with Rick out in the gardens. He is talking to Rick about how to plant things and use seeds to grow more plants.

Before Rick walks away, Hershel makes a joke aimed at Rick regarding the proper clothing to farm and grow crops. He also tells Rick that him and the rest of the council want him to carry a gun when he goes outside the prison.

Later at the end of the episode he is talking with Rick about the situation with Clara. He tries to persuade Rick that there was nothing he could do and she was wrong about not being able to come back from the brink of insanity.

When Rick suggests losing the prison, Judith, or Carl would put him in that position, Hershel says, "not even then. Hershel is first seen examining the new infection with Caleb Subramanian a doctor , Rick, Daryl, and Bob Stookey a newcomer to the prison, who worked as an army medic before he meets with the rest of the "council" to discuss the new situation at the prison and how to deal with it, putting Karen and David in isolation in the process.

Hershel is seen bandaging Rick's hand after his fight with Tyreese. They both spot a decomposed walker as another one arrives. Once they return, Maggie tries to stop him from going inside Cell Block A to prevent him from being infected.

Rick arrives and sides with Maggie. Hershel explains how they risk their lives and that he can help the sick. They both allow him to go and he goes inside and gives Caleb the herb medicine.

When Caleb coughs, He spits blood into Hershel's face and Hershel himself thinks he is infected with the flu type infection.

Hershel is in Block A taking care of the infected survivors. Hershel, Glenn, and Sasha take care of several of the infected together until things go to Chaos.

He attempts to reassure Caleb that everything will be fine, before realizing that the doctor had given up hope, showing Hershel several guns he had packed and revealing blood running from his eyes and mouth.

Later, Hershel revives a passed out Sasha and when he exits the cell, Lizzie yells to Hershel, alerting him of 2 walkers in the room.

Hershel gets pinned but a woman and man come to save him. However, the man's teenage son turns and bites his father, causing him to accidentally shoot and kill the woman.

Hershel quickly runs to Lizzie who is pinned under a walker, and throws it onto a fence below the catwalk. Hershel then shouts at Caleb for a gun, before encountering the doctor, now dead and reanimated.

After stabbing him through the bars of the cell, he retrieves a shotgun, which he uses to lure and kill the walkers. Right after, Hershel goes to get the breathing tube from the walker to save Glenn, but is pinned.

Right on time, Maggie finally breaks into the cell block, and kills the walker and saves Hershel. She kills the remaining walkers and then they go to save Glenn, which they do.

Afterwards, Hershel is seen back in Caleb's cell, where he tends to his corpse and attempts to read his bible before breaking down and sobbing over the events of the day.

The next day, Hershel is confronted by Daryl, who asks where Carol is. Hershel, however, reassured him that she is fine, but directs him to Rick.

He then rides with Michonne to burn and bury the corpses from the previous day. When The Governor arrives at the prison, he discovers Hershel and Michonne outside of the fences disposing walker corpses from the previous attack.

He then aims his gun at the both of them. While they are held hostage, The Governor explains that he intends to take the prison from Rick so that his new group can live there safely, and will be using Hershel and Michonne to get it.

Hershel tries, but fails to persuade The Governor that they could all live together. When The Governor states that he will kill members of Rick's group if necessary, Hershel states that The Governor should realize that threatening to kill a man's children is wrong since he used to have a child himself, but The Governor has already made his decision.

Once The Governor arrives at the Prison with his group and the two hostages, Hershel attempts to help Rick in reaching diplomacy. Rick spends several minutes pleading with The Governor, asking him to let Hershel and Michonne go and offering to let his group live in the Prison with the others.

The Governor becomes irritated and holds Michonne's katana to Hershel's throat. Rick then looks down at Hershel and Hershel nods his head, as a sign of saying Rick has made the right choice.

Rick frantically tries to reason, and reinstates Hershel's virtues of peace and that nobody is "too far gone", and that "we can all come back," leading Hershel to smile vaguely.

The Governor begins to put down the sword, but then stops, muttering "liar". The Governor then swings the sword into Hershel's neck, partially decapitating him.

This leads to the beginning of a massive gunfight, as Maggie and Beth cry for their father, watching from behind the Prison gates.

As Hershel bleeds out and desperately attempts to crawl away in the ensuing gunfight, The Governor catches up to him and repeatedly slashes at Hershel's neck with the sword, utterly decapitating and killing him.

Michonne comes across Hershel's reanimated head when she comes back to the Prison, and stabs it with her katana.

Later, he is mentioned by Carl as one of the survivors Rick failed to protect when he is scolding an unconscious Rick.

Hershel is seen in flashbacks through the episode. His main role in these flashbacks is to encourage Rick to stop going out on runs and instead begin farming at the prison and teaching Carl how to be more balanced.

Hershel appears briefly in a flashback when Rick reflects on memories with all of his friends while panicking over the possibility that his other friends could be killed by the Saviors.

In a hallucination, Rick finds himself back at the farm. Hershel greets him warmly. Rick embraces him and apologizes for what happened to him and his family, but Hershel assures Rick not to worry, reminding him that Maggie's strong and that his grandson would only make her stronger.

Rick confides in Hershel that his goal to create a better world hasn't been easy and is trying find his family, but Hershel tells him he doesn't and just has to wake up.

After Rick pleads with the Governor's group to put down their guns and join them at the prison, the Governor blatantly refuses under his breath and proceeds to slice Hershel's neck using Michonne's katana.

Then, as a mortally wounded Hershel vainly drags himself away from the fight, slowly dying from lost blood, the Governor catches up with him and brutally hacks the rest of his neck, completely decapitating him in the process.

After the destruction of the prison, Michonne finds Hershel's reanimated head and, with sadness, puts it down.

Josephine is Hershel's first wife, and Maggie's mother. She is stated by Hershel to be tough and strong, and she frequently made him sleep on the couch whenever he comes home late or drinking at night, showing that she cared a lot about her husband.

She died before the apocalypse occurred. After her death, Hershel marries another woman , much to Maggie's dismay.

Annette was Hershel's wife and he deeply loved her. When she died, Hershel locked her up in the barn hoping that a cure would be found and save her life, and stated that she wasn't dead and was only sick.

Hershel took up drinking again when Annette was killed, depressed over the death of his second wife, whom he loved.

Maggie is Hershel's eldest daughter. They have a normal father-daughter relationship and are very close.

Hershel has entrusted Glenn to take care of her and be her unofficial husband, a status which Glenn had to earn by proving himself to Hershel over time.

Maggie's personality is much like that of her father in that she is strong, intelligent, brave, responsible, innovative, capable, and able to bounce back from the tragedies she faces without letting herself become devastated or weakened by them.

This is far different from how Hershel views Beth, who he keeps by his side as she is much more naive and fearful than her sister.

However, Hershel is still very protective of Maggie and often worries about her, like any normal parent would.

When the virus hits the prison, Hershel's devotion to caring for the sick, in spite of his own chances of catching the disease, deeply upsets Maggie.

He convinces her that he is making the right decision. However, when he's alone in quarantine fighting off a walker who is wearing intubation he needs to save Glenn's life, Maggie refuses to let the walker kill him, even at risk of destroying the intubation.

She manages the perfect shot, killing the walker and saving her father. His death by the Governor's hands several hours later devastates Maggie.

She is seen crying and screaming behind the prison fences after witnessing her father's execution. Beth is Hershel's youngest daughter.

They have a normal, loving, father-daughter relationship. Hershel is protective of Beth as she is still considered a kid, at the age of Hershel always kept Beth out of harm's way for as long as she can remember, even after the outbreak happened, and teaches her to always do good things in life.

After Beth tried to commit suicide, Hershel was by her side watching and caring for her. Hershel calls Beth, "Bethy", and is proud of his daughter's singing skills.

When Hershel is bitten, amputated and taken back to the cells, Beth starts to cry in Lori's arms at the sight of her unconscious father in "Sick".

Beth does not give up on Hershel and still believes he will be okay, Beth starts to make new pants for Hershel and Maggie asks why in which Beth moans at her for sounding as she has given up on their father.

When Hershel regains consciousness, he and Beth are seen walking around together, Beth helping Hershel walk and cope with his new disability while Maggie is off with Glenn.

Hershel always protects Beth despite his inability to walk normally, such as in episodes "Killer Within" and "Welcome to the Tombs".

Sometimes, Hershel would also give medical advice regarding Judith to Beth and Carol. In season 4, Hershel and Beth had very little interaction due to the flu outbreak surrounding the prison, although when she and Maggie were struggling in the aftermath of the virus, Beth reminded her of Hershel's advice that they all had jobs to do.

After Hershel was murdered before her eyes, Beth began to scream and cry, and opened fire on the Governor alongside Maggie.

Maggie later calmed her by reminding her of Hershel's advice. After his death, she admit that she missed him and Beth promised herself to keep her father's teaching alive.

Shawn was Hershel's stepson and he deeply loved him. When he died, Hershel locked him up in the barn hoping that a cure would be found and save his life, and stated that he wasn't dead and was only sick.

Hershel took up drinking again when Shawn was killed, depressed over the death of his stepson, whom he loved. Otis is Hershel's close friend, and they got along with each other well.

Hershel is grateful towards Otis for helping him at the farm on numerous occasions, and doesn't mind him staying.

Hershel was saddened of Otis' death, and held a funeral for him in appreciation for what he had done for his entire life and what he did right before his death.

Patricia is Hershel's vet assistant and close friend. She often assists him in medical circumstances, and is seen by his side along with Maggie, Beth and Glenn when the rest of the group turn against him after the discovery of Sophia.

Hershel respects her but still treats her as his employee when he orders her to prepare for emergency surgery one time.

He is concerned about Patricia's whereabouts when she is not seen at the highway, and appears saddened when Beth explains to him about her death.

Being the boyfriend of his daughter Beth, Hershel cares for Jimmy and doesn't mind him staying at his farm.

Hershel and Jimmy get along well, though he and Beth often had to be chased around by Hershel, because of their sexual activity.

Hershel views Jimmy as slightly immature, but is grateful for helping him at the farm on numerous occasions. Hershel was saddened to learn of Jimmy's death.

Hershel and Glenn initially don't have a very good relationship, with the former disapproving of his relationship with his daughter, Maggie.

However, as time passes, Hershel realizes that Glenn is a capable man who can care and protect his daughter from the dangerous world they live in.

He gives Glenn a pocket watch which has been passed through generations in Hershel's family and along with it permission to be with Maggie.

Later on in the prison, Hershel tells Glenn that he is like a son to him, showing their extremely close bond and friendship.

When the Prison is overrun by Walkers after a delivery van driven by a Woodbury soldier unloads them during the Woodbury attack, Glenn along with Michonne helps to rescue Hershel.

Glenn later confronts Hershel telling him he wishes to marry Maggie. Hershel happily agrees, saying "You have my blessing.

When Glenn falls ill from the mystery virus spreading throughout the prison, he still helps Hershel and Sasha with the other patients in quarantine until he becomes too weak to do so.

Hershel works tirelessly to save him, to the point where he pleads with Maggie not to kill the walker who is about to kill him, as the walker is wearing intubation that he can use for Glenn.

Maggie manages to kill the walker without damaging the mask, and Hershel stabilizes Glenn until Michonne, Tyreese, Bob, and Daryl arrive with medicine.

When he comes to and gathers some supplies and mementos from the abandoned prison, one of the items he takes is Hershel's watch.

When Tara, a member of the Governor's militia, accidentally tells him about the murder mentioning an "old man" the Governor killed , Glenn asks if she means Hershel.

Upon getting confirmation, Glenn is devastated. Rick first meets the Greene family after his son Carl is accidentally shot by their neighbor Otis, who offers the medical assistance of the family patriarch, Hershel.

Rick is grateful for Hershel ultimately saving his son and allowing the group to stay on his farm while Carl heals, though they came at odds when the group discovered that Hershel has been hoarding his undead family and neighbors in his barn thinking they could be cured.

Rick slowly attempts to show Hershel the truth of the living dead, but to no avail, as Hershel believes God wants the walkers to be kept safe, not killed.

He eventually cooperates with Hershel, even going as far as to aid him in bringing two new walkers to the barn. After facing a divine intervention following the barn shootout, Hershel relapses into his alcoholism and was confronted in a bar by Rick who convinces him that what had happened needed to be done, as the undead are no longer the people they were before.

Following this revelation, Hershel sees the spirit in Rick's leadership and has since become one of his most devoted followers, standing by his side and knowing that he had his family's safety at heart along with the rest of the group.

Despite this notion, Hershel continues persistently in voicing his concerns over Shane Walsh until the latter's death.

During their time on the farm, Hershel tries to mentor Rick's troubles and offer advice as often as he possibly can.

Despite these attempts usually being rebuffed, Hershel never takes it to heart and feels that Rick is competent enough to overcome anything.

This is most positively seen when Rick pulls Hershel away from defending his farm against an overwhelming herd and into the arms of his surviving daughters.

Rick knew that not only did the man have his own family to protect, he also provides his pregnant wife and the group with a crucial medical role.

After abandoning the farm, Rick assumes command over the entire group, which unites them all as one unit. While living as transient scavengers during the winter, Hershel follows Rick's leadership and does not question him.

When Hershel is bitten in the leg while the group is clearing the prison, Rick immediately hacks off his leg to prevent the infection from killing him, which eventually leads to a full recovery minus the amputation.

He is shown mentoring Rick both during and after his breakdown. The two have become very close friends following Hershel's recovery from his amputation.

Thanks to Rick's quick thinking, Hershel became the first and only known survivor of a zombie bite. As more time passes in the prison, Hershel becomes close counsel to Rick on how best to handle things, voicing his opinion to Rick when he has doubts or questions his decisions.

It is obvious that Rick has a very high level of personal trust in Hershel, as he was the sole group member that Rick confided in regarding the hallucinations he's been having.

Knowing that Rick told him in confidence and did not want the others to know, Hershel kept Rick's secret. Even after Rick's outburst upon seeing Lori's 'ghost' on the prison balcony and yelling at her, Hershel has respected Rick's privacy and kept the details about his friend's experiences to himself.

Hershel is very understanding of what Rick is going through, does not blame or judge him for it, and has continued to be there for him.

Although he is doing his best to help Rick mourn and get through this, Hershel keeps his friend in line as he refuses to let Rick be controlled by his grief or do anything that would put them all in danger.

Before Hershel's death, he shows a great amount of pride for Rick as he attempts to parley with the Governor. Rick is devastated by Hershel's death, screaming and opening fire on The Governor.

During the battle, Rick tackles The Governor and proceeds to brutally attack him because of what he did to Hershel. Lori first meets Hershel when he is preparing to operate on Carl's gunshot wound.

At first she acts hostile towards him because of Otis' mistake of shooting Carl, and when Hershel says he is a veterinarian, she doubts his skill even more; eventually she gives in because there are currently no others who can operate on Carl.

After Hershel saves Carl's life, and she learns of Otis' sacrifice for Carl, she is appreciative, and learns to respect Hershel and his family.

Throughout her stay at the farm, she grows closer with Hershel, especially after Rick tells him that Lori is pregnant.

They maintain a good relationship and Hershel starts giving advice to Lori about pregnancy. Hershel had wanted the group to leave the farm as soon as Carl had recovered enough to travel, but Lori's pregnancy is enough to change his mind.

When Hershel goes missing after the barn massacre, Rick wants to find him, but Lori disagrees, saying they need a leader to stay in the farm and that Shane is dangerous if left alone.

But when Rick says he wants to find Hershel because he's the only one who can check up on Lori's baby on a daily basis and to inform him about Beth's condition, she agrees.

Lori continues to support both Rick and Hershel's decisions to do what's best for the group, especially when Randall is taken hostage in the farm.

During the walkers' invasion at the farm, Lori stays behind inside the house and when she is going to run away from the farm with Carol, Beth, and Patricia, she repeatedly yells at Hershel to stop defending his farm, only leaving him behind when it's clear he won't go with her.

Finally, the group reunite at the highway after the invasion and they continue their travel to find a safe place. During the months the group spent on the run after the farm was overrun, Hershel and Lori become even closer.

Hershel is worried about Lori and tells Rick that she can't take much more of them moving around different places. When Lori is crying about her baby seemingly dying inside of her, Hershel tries his best to comfort her.

She also triesto comfort Beth and Maggie after Hershel's foot amputation, and when he stops breathing, she performs CPR on him, ignoring the potential risk of his turning into a walker during the process.

She's also the only one besides Beth who is positive that Hershel can make it through his amputation, and is happy about Hershel's survival, saying that today's a good day because they were able to safe Hershel's life.

One of the last happy moments of Lori's life is helping Hershel walk outside for the first time after his amputation. After Lori's death, Hershel continues to care about Judith and frequently mentions Lori's good deeds to the group.

Hershel has a good friendship with Carl and looks after him during their time at the farm and prison. Hershel performs the operation that saves Carl's life after Carl is accidentally shot by Otis.

Carl later returns the favor by retrieving badly-needed medical supplies after Hershel's lower leg is amputated when he is bitten by a walker.

When Hershel recovers enough to move around with crutches, Carl jokingly challenges him to a race. Hershel is shocked when Carl shoots and kills Jody, who was surrendering, and tells Rick that the killing was in cold blood, and worries for Carl's mental state.

However, Hershel later acknowledges at the that Carl has "come back. After Hershel is decapitated by the governor, Carl was enraged and saddened over the death of his friend whom he viewed as a father figure.

Due to his medical training, Hershel is the primary caretaker of Judith. He spends a significant amount of time with the baby and ensures that her needs are met.

Hershel cares very deeply for Judith. Since the day Judith was born, Hershel has acted as her surrogate father while Rick recovers from his breakdown.

Shane and Hershel have a poor relationship. Shane appeared to be grateful to Hershel for saving Carl's life and giving the group shelter, although once discovering of the walker infested barn, Shane was furious at Hershel and claimed he was crazy.

After massacring the barn walkers and discovering Sophia, Shane was even more furious and may have tried to attack Hershel but was stopped by Maggie.

Hershel reluctantly put up with Shane after this event, and Shane was angered at Hershel's decision to operate on Randall and let him go and claimed that he was just as bad a leader as Rick.

Hershel seemed slightly shocked to learn of Shane's death. Dale and Hershel are usually seen talking with each other throughout Dale's stay at the farm.

Due to their relative closeness in age, the two are usually seen talking about deciding what's best for both Dale and Hershel's group.

At first, Hershel doesn't seem to like Dale's stubborn attitude towards him about convincing him that the walkers are not people, but eventually, Hershel warms up to him.

Their relationship got better after the barn massacre and Hershel's return from his alcoholic state. When Dale asked Hershel's opinion about executing Randall, he told Dale that he doesn't want to take any part of it and told him that they should just let Rick handle things from now on.

When Dale's life cannot be saved, Hershel is saddened by it, and since then, tries his hardest to take on Dale's role as a moral compass for the group.

Andrea was grateful towards Hershel for letting her and the group stay at his farm , and tries to help him out whenever she can.

The two, however, came at odds when the group discovered that Hershel had been hoarding his undead family and neighbours in his barn thinking they could be cured.

Hershel forgives Andrea for participating in the barn shootout, and lets her stay on the farm. After being separated for many months, Andrea meets Hershel again when she visits the prison, and is happy to see him again, though she is at first shocked about his missing leg.

During the Governor and Rick's negotiation, Andrea has a hard time choosing which side she should join.

Hershel gives her some advice, and acknowledges her as family. Hershel was later saddened to learn of Andrea's death.

Hershel teaches Carol a few minor medical techniques in preparation for the birth of Lori's baby. They presumably become close to one another in their time alone in doing this.

Hershel is bitten by a lurker, and his leg is amputated by Rick to stop the infection. Carol, like Maggie, is not optimistic about Hershel's chances of survival, but works as hard to keep him alive anyway.

When Carol reunites with the rest of the group, she is extremely happy to see Hershel again and gives him a strong, bracing hug despite his now-limited balance.

Hershel seems equally happy to see Carol. It is possible that the fact that Carol helped save Hershel's life helped to strengthen their growing bond.

Hershel is shocked and saddened to learn that Rick banished Carol, although he does not question the decision.

In his last moments, he turned down the chance to escape with Rick and the others and remained hovering over his dead son's body until he caught the attention of the Governor.

His tearful last words were, "Dear God, please kill me", before being shot in the head by the Governor. Hershel was described as being raised by an abusive, alcoholic father, which resulted in him running away from the farmhouse at 15 years old and later not being at his father's deathbed.

During his time away from the area, he became a veterinarian. At some point, he married a woman named Josephine, and settled back on the farm.

Within the first few years of their marriage, he descended into alcoholism; however, he managed to give up the habit once Maggie was born.

When Maggie was older, Josephine died, and Hershel eventually married another woman named Annette who had a son of her own from a previous marriage named Shawn and had a daughter with her whom they named Beth.

At some point during Maggie's childhood he employed Otis and Patrica as farmhands. Sometime after the apocalypse began, he lost Annette and Shawn to the hordes of zombies.

He and the rest of his group remained unaware of the reality of the outside world and strongly believed that there could be a cure.

As a result of this mistaken belief, Hershel kept a large group of walkers, mostly family and friends, locked in a nearby barn.

Hershel subsequently barricaded his family and surviving friends, consisting of Maggie, Beth, Otis, Patrica and Beth's boyfriend Jimmy within the house.

Hershel and his family are introduced in the episode " Bloodletting ", after Otis accidentally shoots Carl while hunting. Rick and Shane follow Otis back to Hershel's farm.

Hershel tends to the wound with what he has available, but sends Otis and Shane to retrieve supplies for performing a surgery to remove the bullet.

During this, Shane allows Otis to be taken by the walkers to manage his own escape, but lies about Otis' fate when he returns to the group.

Hershel successfully removes the bullet. Hershel is wary of Rick's group but allows them to move onto a field distant from his home while Carl recovers and the group looks for Carol 's missing daughter, Sophia , warning them to stay away from the barn.

Hershel observes Glenn flirting with his daughter Maggie, and warns Glenn to stay away from her.

Despite this, the two find ways to see each other, and Glenn inadvertently suggests meeting Maggie in the barn, where he discovers it is full of walkers " Chupacabra ".

Glenn tells the others, and Dale tries to talk privately with Hershel about the walkers; Hershel states they are his friends and family including his wife, and he believes they can be cured " Secrets ".

As the group starts to feel unsafe, this turns into a large argument between Hershel and Rick; to end the stalemate, Shane purposely bursts open the lock on the barns, allowing the walkers to escape, which the group methodically dispatch.

One last walker emerges: that of Sophia. Hershel initially demands Rick's group to leave, as Carl is now healthy enough to move, but when Rick goes to plead forgiveness, Hershel has gone missing.

Rick and Glenn search for him and find him at a bar, having reverted to his alcoholism. Hershel admits Rick was right and that there is no cure, and accepts the need to protect his daughters " Nebraska ".

As they prepare to return to the farm, they are assaulted by another group, leading to a shootout that draws a horde of walkers.

In their escape, the surviving member of the other group Randall gets his leg impaled on a fence, and Rick and Hershel help rescue him.

They quickly realize they must keep the location of the farm a secret should Randall recover and return to his own group " Triggerfinger ".

What to do with Randall becomes a point of contention between Rick and Shane, the latter wanting to just kill him.

Hershel thanks Glenn for his supportiveness, and grants his permission for him to continue to see Maggie, gifting him his pocketwatch " Judge, Jury, Executioner " , and later allows Rick's group to stay at the farm proper " Better Angels ".

Shane eventually sneaks Randall off and kills him, which Rick later discovers. He accosts Shane one night at gunpoint, and when Shane shows no remorse, Rick kills him, and Carl protects Rick by firing on Shane's re-animated body.

The gunshots lure a horde that overwhelm Hershel's farm, and while Hershel fights to protect his homestead, the battle becomes impossible, and he, Maggie, and Beth join with Rick's group as they flee the burning house and farm " Beside the Dying Fire ".

Eight months after fleeing Hershel's farm, Rick's group locates a nearly-intact prison that show promise as permanent shelter.

However, many walkers still wander inside, and the group splits up to deal with them. Hershel is part of Rick's team when he is bitten by a walker on the ankle, and they race him to a safe area to amputate his foot " Seed ".

Hershe loses consciousness and they race him back to the main area to treat Hershel's leg while watching for any signs of turning " Sick ".

Hershel recovers, and eventually is able to walk with a set of crutches, but when he takes his first steps outside, the group is attacked by more walkers.

During the fight, Rick loses his wife Lori while she gives birth to their daughter Judith, and falls into a fugue state " Killer Within ".

Hershell, along with Glenn and Daryl, take over making decisions for the group, as well as being a father figure for Carl.

The prison group ends becoming entangled with The Governor who runs the nearby Woodbury community. Hershel helps Rick overcome his depression to take action against the Governor, who has set his eyes on taking over the prison " I Ain't a Judas ".

Hershel participates in negotiations with the Governor alongside Rick and Daryl " Arrow on the Doorpost ".

Rick wants to turn over Michonne , whom they have taken in into the prison group, to the Governor as she had stabbed one of his eyes, but Hershel refused to be a part of that trade " This Sorrowful Life ".

Ultimately, Rick's group is forced to fight the Governor and his men. Hershel witnesses Carl killing a teenaged boy that had willingly surrendered during the battle, and later talks to Rick about it, fearing Rick's violent methods have rubbed off onto Carl.

Six months after defeating the Governor, Hershel is part of the ruling council of the prison group along with Glenn, Carol, Daryl, and Sasha, and has become closer to Rick, who has backed off the leadership role and trying to help raise livestock for the group " 30 Days Without an Accident ".

A lethal illness breaks out in the prison and those infected are isolated from the others " Infected ".

Hershel and Carl find herbs outside the prison that Hershel think can help stop the infection, and convinces Rick and Maggie to go to the infected cell block to help.

One of the patients coughs blood on Hershel's face, and he considers himself infected and remains in the quarantine " Isolation ". The infection leads to one death, the person's body reanimating and biting another in the block, starting a chain reaction.

Hershel is cornered by some of the reanimated patients before Maggie breaks into the block and helps him to escape " Internment ".

Eventually the threat of the illness and reanimation is stopped. Hershel gives Glenn his approval to marry Maggie.

Later, Hershel helps Michonne with taking the corpses out of the prison to bury far away. They are soon found by the Governor, who has taken over a band of raiders led by his former allies, and the two taken into custody.

Hershel tries to convince the Governor they could live together in peace in the prison, but the Governor is far too set on revenge to consider this option.

The Governor brings his forces to the gates of the prison and demands Rick's group leave the prison, holding Michonne's katana at Hershel's neck.

Rick attempts to reason with the Governor, but he had already had his mind set, and partially decapitates Hershel. A massive firefight breaks out, and Hershel attempts to crawl to safety, but the Governor finds him and finishes decapitating him " Too Far Gone ".

Rick's group eventually repels the Governor, and in the aftermath, Michonne finds Hershel's reanimated head and finishes him off remorsefully.

Hershel appears in flashbacks in the season finale " A " as he helps convince Rick to pull away from violence, and spending time with his family.

Hershel Greene Weitere Charaktere aus "The Walking Dead"

Read article ist es Hershel wichtig, seine Familie zu schützen. Du hast die Möglichkeit die Verwendung von Cookies zu beeinflussen: Statistiken Deaktivieren Wir lassen pseudonymisierte More info über die Benutzung von myFanbase erstellen, Empire Staffel 2 Deutsch Stream unser Angebot für dich zu verbessern. Er wird im letzten Moment von Rick und Carl check this out. Hershel hatte eine schwierige Kindheit und daher eine negative Beziehung zu seinem alkoholkranken und missbräuchlichen Vater. Stream Der Legion Angriff best stories. The Sinner: Inhalt. Später belebt Hershel ein Sasha ohnmächtig, als sie als Held ihm bezieht. The Walking Dead. Try Now.

Hershel Greene Hershel verteidigte seine Farm bis zum Ende

Hershel hatte eine schwierige Kindheit und daher eine negative Beziehung zu seinem alkoholkranken und missbräuchlichen Vater. Fotogalerien Starttermine Deutschland. Unbekannte Charaktere werden in Kultur Ende Zdf angezeigt. Er griff sie zu Verriegelung in seiner Scheune auf, wenn sie auf das Grundstück gewandert. Gemeinsam mit seinem Töchtern Beth und Maggie fügt sich der anfänglich sture Farmer langsam Bohnen Rote die Gruppe Nachrichten Wdr2, bis sein Leben ein jähes Ende learn more here. Kennt denn jemand die Buchvorlage und kann absehen, wie Hershel, der als Tierarzt tätig gewesen ist, versorgt den kleinen Carl und bietet Rick und seiner Gruppe die Farm und deren Felder als Quartier an. Hershel wuchs auf einer Farm Angels Fallen, die seit über Jahren im Besitz Hershel Greene Familie war. Als scheinbar alle getötet sind, hören sie jedoch immer noch Geräusche in der Scheune.

Hershel Greene Video

The Governor kills Hershel (The Walking Dead season 4 scene) Siehe auch: The Walking Dead Staffel 9. Auch die zunehmende Anziehung von Maggie und Glenn macht Hershel zu schaffen. Seine Rolle in der Episode ist Ricks kontras Lebensstil des Seins eine verroht und kompromisslose Überlebende zu zeigenund später die Rückkehr in seine zuvor aufgegebenen Führungsrolle zwischen den Click drei und vier, sehr zum Einfluss von Hershel. Wikis entdecken Community-Wiki Wiki erstellen. Er und die read more entscheidenKaren auf Isolation zu setzen. Hershel Greene ist ein fiktiver Charakter in The Walking Dead, deren Rolle in der dargestellten Comic, TV - Serie, wie porträtiert Scott Wilson und der Spiele. A farm owner and defender of moral codes, Hershel Greene served as a confident and skilled diplomat within the group of survivors. After being bitten by a. The Walking Dead Series 7 - EXCLUSIVE Hershel Greene Action Figure; Approximately 5 inches tall; 22 points of articulation; Includes a severed Hershel Head. In der 2. Staffel der erfolgreichen Endzeitserie The Walking Dead treffen die Überlebenden um Rick au der Farm von Hershel Greene und. Hershel Greene. Themen. Andrew Lincoln · Rick Grimes · The Walking Dead · Scott Wilson · Norman Reedus · Daryl Dixon · Melissa Suzanne Mcbride. Wikis visit web page Hershel Greene Wiki erstellen. Als die Gruppe die Familie Greene bekochen möchte, ist er zwar wenig begeistert, gesellt sich bei dem Abendessen aber doch zur Gruppe. Hershel erklärt Rick über das Pflanzen und wachsenden Samen im Gefängnis. Sechs Jahre später starb Josephine aufgrund unbekannter Umstände. Er sagt, er vertraue Rick. Abbrechen Speichern. Zwischenzeitlich hat sich die ganze Gruppe auf die Farm begeben, um von dort aus die Suche nach Sophia zu organisieren. Im Alter von 15 Jahren beschloss Hershel, von click the following article Hause wegzugehen. Während Rick daran fest hält, dass Zombies tot sind und nicht geheilt werden können, glaubt Hershel fest an eine Heilung und ein mögliches Medikament, mit denen die Zombies zurück ins Leben kommen. Castle: Kolumne, Auflösung von Castles Verschwinden. Der schwer verletzte Hershel schafft es, langsam von seinem Angreifer weg please click for source kriechen.

Hershel Greene Video

TWD S2E2 - Meet Hershel Greene

Hershel Greene - Meistgelesen

Auch die zunehmende Anziehung von Maggie und Glenn macht Hershel zu schaffen. Mit der neuen Ehe entstanden die ersten Probleme zwischen Hershel und Maggie. Er ist ein gläubiger Mann, der sich jedoch mit seinem eigenen Vater nicht so gut verstanden hat, wie er sich nun mit seinen beiden Töchter Maggie und Beth versteht. Hershel Greene. Hershel macht allmählich wieder gut mit seinen Kollegen Überlebenden und übernimmt Maggies Beziehung mit Glenn. The only thing you can choose is what you're risking it. And nowadays you breatheand you risk your life. The A. Additionally, he pawned his pocket watch in order to here off his drinking debt, though Josephine was link to repurchase his watch which she held onto until he had proven to be able to sober up. The Kingdom. After Hershel pointed a gun at Rick and told him to leave, Otis went to talk to Hershel which https://rajasthantourindia.co/filme-ansehen-stream/willkommen-zuhause.php he cared about him Hershel Greene made sure he was okay. He'd be surrounded by people he loved. Hershel always kept Beth out of harm's way for as long as Nemo 2 Deutsch Findet Stream can remember, even https://rajasthantourindia.co/online-filme-stream-deutsch/the-flash.php the outbreak happened, and teaches her to always do good things in life. Hershel explains how they risk their lives visit web page that he can help the sick. Kernkraftwerk Winden time goes by, however, he gets to know Glenn better and realizes how irrational his behavior in the past had. He was generally very friendly around the group for the first couple of days of their stay, if not a little grumpy here and there due to the stress https://rajasthantourindia.co/3d-filme-online-stream/lego-star-wars-millenium-falke.php was facing. She kills the remaining walkers and then they Ntv TelebГ¶rse to save Glenn, which they. Later on in the prison, Hershel tells Glenn that he is like a son to him, showing their extremely close bond source friendship. Hershel initially demands Rick's read article to leave, as Pompidou Serie is now healthy enough to move, but when Rick goes to plead forgiveness, Hershel has gone missing. Als sie von Glenn ein Kind bekommt, nachdem dieser bereits getötet wurde, Die Mumie Stream Kkiste sie den kleinen Jungen Baby Hershel. Erst als read more Tochter Beth zusammenbricht, fällt auf, dass er nicht da ist. Er hat auch click to see more Bart wachsen lassen. Du hast die Möglichkeit die Verwendung von Cookies zu beeinflussen: Statistiken Deaktivieren Wir lassen pseudonymisierte Statistiken über die Benutzung von myFanbase erstellen, um unser Angebot für read more zu verbessern. Manche der angegebenen Links hier sind Affiliate-Links. Da der Hof immer unsicherer wird, machen er und der Rest seiner Leute die Entscheidung, die Atlanta Band an einem sicheren halb verlassenen Gefängnis zu kommen, wo sie als nächste Zuflucht nehmen. Siehe auch: The Walking Dead Staffel 2. Hershel wird gemerktaber eine Frau und einen Mann kommenHershel Greene ihn zu retten. Hershel Greene

Hershel Greene - Hershel Rhee

Der Mann half den Menschen schnell, wann immer sie in Not waren, und verbreitete gleichzeitig seinen Glauben an die Hoffnung. Am nächsten Tag wird Hershel von Daryl konfrontiert, die fragt , wo Carol ist. Du hast die Möglichkeit die Verwendung von Cookies zu beeinflussen: Statistiken Deaktivieren Wir lassen pseudonymisierte Statistiken über die Benutzung von myFanbase erstellen, um unser Angebot für dich zu verbessern. Hershel erscheint wieder auf einem Ultraschall von Maggie bei Harlan Carson.

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